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About us

About us

Shopyrate comes to serve 3 different audience types:

  • Online shops - from all over the world selling in the industry of Fashion and Beauty.
  • Shoppers - who like to be inspired and listen to other people’s recommendations before they shop.
  • Bloggers/ Nano influencers – Fashion lovers that have friends and followers that love their style and trust what they have to say about fashion and beauty.

What is shopyrate's idea?

  • Must See Items –Every day, E-shops from all around the world publish one item on Shopyrate (from a category) that they believe is a "Must See Item".
  • Every item is rated by users – Every day the users can rate the published items (one star to 5 stars)
  • 3 stars to 5 stars items – Will remain on Shopyrate's website and users can always see them
  • Daily Blog – All the items rated by users will automatically go to the user Daily Blog
  • Prizes for Sharing – The users win prizes for sharing their Daily Blogs

The Founding Team

Meet the people behind the scenes, who recognized the need of today’s market and had the vision to create an arena based on creativity, wisdom and experience.

Israel Stern - Founder & CEO

Israel’s long-term experience and success in marketing and gaming allows him to successfully master this industry using his skills. Israel has created marketing strategies that changed the industry completely in his previous positions. Israel’s ability to think outside the box always keeps him one step ahead of the game.

Gal Sella Bar-Ness - Co-Founder & CFO

Gal has dedicated the last few years to her greatest love – fashion. After having success in the culinary industry, Gal became a personal stylist and buyer with much experience in recognizing global fashion trends ahead of time. Gal became a specialist in influencer marketing and believes fashion has no borders and everyone has the power to impact.

Adi Lavi – Executive VP & Director of sales and partnerships

Adi has a background in marketing, sales and brand collaborations. In past positions Adi was required to handle complex market share analysis and have knowledge of global trends. Adi’s love of fashion and creativity led her to combine her passions and skills in Shopyrate

Dor Gilad – Senior IT specialist

With many years of experience in various positions as an IT specialist, Dor has looked for a challenge, and is committed to bringing shopyrate’s vision to life.